Dik Patterson's great-grandfather began making maple syrup on the family sugar bush over 125 years ago. This tradition passed down through the Patterson family until 1970 when production stopped. However, by this time syruping was in Dik's blood and he knew he had to eventually bring the tradition back. 

Patterson Sugar Bush was established in 1988 when Dik, his wife, Colleen,  his two sons and daughter, a few eager helpers, tapped 5,000 trees on a portion of the 300-acre family sugar bush and produced 1,000 gallons of pure maple syrup during their first year. Over the years they tapped more and more trees throughout the sugar bush and the operation continued to grow.  In 2011, they added an additional 160 acres of pristine maple forest along the beautiful Flambeau River just south of the Flambeau Flowage.  Today, Patterson Sugar Bush taps 20,000 maple trees while still maintaining their small family farm roots. 

From Forest to Fork, we take great pride in our product and our forest, and are committed to low-impact sap collection practices and utilize energy-saving cooking systems. Sweet!

We hope you enjoy our delicious maple syrup!